Full Node Technology Limited is a leading IT provider based in Hong Kong delivering risk management, automatic-order matching, order routing, trading and settlement system for local and global financial institutions. Our system supports multi-market, multi-currency, multi-company operations inside a single platform and offers straight-through processing with automatic exception detection. End users can access our system seamlessly from virtually any Windows/Mac/Linux device—workstation, laptop or phone—via a browser, the downloadable desktop application, or Android and iOS phones.


Outsourcing & Consultancy


Our IT, Settement & Compliance team has rich experience and provides customers with superior IT consulting services and help handling all customers’ IT, settlement & compliance daily operation tasks

我們的IT部, 交收結算部及合規部團體富有豐富經驗,為客戶提供優越IT顧問服務及協助處理所有關於IT, 交收結算及合規的日常工作

Server Hosting


Provide customers with professional server hosting services for applications, allowing customers to enjoy zero IT management effort and 24×7 IT support for any hardware and network issues

為客戶提供應用程序的專業服務器託管服務,讓客戶在任何硬件和網絡問題上享受零 IT 管理工作和 24×7 的 IT 支持

SIEFA Trader

SIEFA 櫃台交易系統

Global securities futures options trading system – stable, fast, safe, advanced trading system

環球證券期貨期權交易系統 – 穏定,快速,安全,先進交易系統

SIEFA Clearing

SIEFA 結算系統

Global Securities Futures Options Settlement System – stable, fast, secure, automated system

環球證券期貨期權結算系統 – 穏定,快速,安全,自動化系統


SIEFA 自動對盤系統

Provide IPO and OTC trading matching platform for brokers