System Overview 系統概述

SIEFA AMS is an advanced Automatic Order Matching System software that provides a seamless and efficient trading experience for stock market, commodity market, and other financial exchanges. Our software is designed to match buy and sell orders electronically, ensuring that participants in the exchange receive the best execution possible. The matching algorithm used in our system is highly efficient and robust, ensuring that orders are matched quickly and accurately. Our software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible to all different applications like Hong Kong IPO stock grey markets, stock/futures/options/commodity/FX exchanges and virtual assets exchanges.

Our software is highly secure and reliable, ensuring that your trades are executed quickly and accurately. We offer 24/7 customer support to ensure that any issues you encounter are resolved quickly and efficiently.

SIEFA自動對盤系統 是一款先進的自動訂單匹配系統軟體,為股票市場、商品市場和其他金融交易所提供無縫高效的交易體驗。我們的軟體旨在通過電子方式匹配買賣訂單,確保交易參與者獲得最佳執行。我們系統中使用的匹配演算法非常高效和穩健,確保訂單快速準確地匹配。我們的軟體設計使用者友好,易於使用,並適用於各種應用場境如港股新股暗盤市場,各種商品交易所及虛擬資產交易所。


Core Features/Highlights 主要功能/特點
  • Supports price limit and market order type
  • Automatic day end cancel orders
  • Configurable trading hours
  • Auto FINI api and file integration
  • Automatic send matched IPO trades to HKEx onlisting day of IPO stock
  • Full audit trails for all order operations
  • Support FIX Api for order input and notification
  • Api accessible for market data distribution
  • Configurable number price depth for market data distribution
  • Support full tick market data distribution
  • 支援限價和市價訂單類型
  • 自動日終取消訂單
  • 可設定交易時間
  • 自動 HKEx FINI api 和文件對接
  • IPO股票上市當日自動向香港聯交所發送匹配的IPO交易
  • 完整審計跟踪所有訂單操作
  • 支援FIX Api作為訂單輸入和通知
  • 提供行情分發的 API
  • 可配置行情分發的價格深度數目支援全tick行情資料分發